1.0 Expectations – the workbook page

The Hound at Work – Workbook.

Based on the book, this workbook page takes a chapter of the tales and provides links to resources and tools that could help you (as leader, manager, HR professional) to implement it with your teams.

This story is about expectations or the lack thereof. Success can only be achieved by continuing to communicate well and manage expectations. For managers and leaders, giving feedback and coaching are important tools to contribute to the success of the team members.

What can we learn from this chapter in the book?

  • Ensure that expectations are clear to individuals and to teams. It minimizes unexpected results.
  • Provide job descriptions or job profiles of employees – discuss the results with them regarding what individual and team expectations. Give them the opportunity to ask questions to remove ambiguities.
  • Recognize and reward employees for the success and achievement of important milestones and results. Remember that rewards don’t always have to be about money. Be creative!

How can we implement this?

Helping new managers or leaders set expectations with their teams can be a challenging since there are usually several high priority tasks that need to be completed. It is, however, advisable to gather the team and the new leader/manager to discuss a few key items and decide on the best path forward.  The link below contains a description and tools and templates that can be useful in such a situation.

Link to resources

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